Our Mission

Connect individuals, businesses, and communities to creative services, programs, and products that help them brand and expand.

Outside Thinc is a creative arts agency that connects individuals, businesses, and organizations to creative professionals ready to help realize their vision. Whether you’re a startup seeking headshots and product photography, an organization in need of a videographer for an event, an artist building your brand identity, or a community group expanding its web presence, Outside Thinc has a team of creative professionals ready to help. Come connect with a creative organization that helps you expand your brand. We are Outside Thinc.

What We've Achieved

  • 2012: OST is hired and successfully creates branding and marketing materials for the Seattle Central College Students Of Color Conference

  • 2012: OST is hired by Seattle Parks and Recreation and successfully provides creative workshops for children at Othello Park that cover design, photography, video, and music.

  • 2012-present: Since 2012, OST has been providing creative services to the Umoja Peace Center in the areas of video, photography, design, and has worked on countless projects. OST has also taught creative classes and workshops to Umoja students that cover those areas.

  • 2014-present: OST teams up with One Vibe Africa and MoPop to produce annual benefit concerts for youth music and arts organizations in Kenya, Africa .

  • 2016: OST founder, Mujale Chisebuka + partners at Black Dot win Geek of the Year award from GeekWire Magazine for creating a culturally responsive space for entrepreneurs. They are featured in several global publications including Entrepreneur Magazine